recording studio Recording studio West Auckland View Gear List Get in Touch View Rates - Isolation booth for tracking vocals and instruments.
- Main room suitable for recording a full drum kit.
- Top quality audio hardware and software.
- Relaxed comfortable environment.
- Easy parking

Recent projects include:

Recording dialogue for the TV Show – Island of Mystery

Recording podcasts for a meditation app

Recording a podcast for a historical Auckland feature

Producing backing tracks for a singer songwriter

Producing and recording songs for a solo artist

Recording an EP for a solo artist





Boutique studio based in Glen Eden, West Auckland.

vocal recording booth with microphone

Voice Over Recording


Record voice overs through our top quality microphones and recording gear in our dedicated sound proofed and treated recording booth.


We produce voice tracks for ads, video games, podcasts and more. A comfortable environment with car parking makes our studio a friendly place for your audio production requirements.


As well as recording facilities we have a network of voice over artists to call on if needed.

Audio Book production


Record the voice of yourself or your chosen narrator using out sound treated room and high sensitivity microphones. Audio books are an increasingly popular media format and can be a great source of extra revenue for authors.


We experienced in tracking and editing of audio books as well as mastering for Audible.


To find out more about recording your audio book, please give Dylan a call on 021 1879 012

Or email music@huntawaysound.com

recording equipment looking into booth window
drum tracking room

Music Tracking


Record your full band including drums in our live room. A wide range of high quality microphones and preamps help capture the right vibe for your performance. 16 channels of top preamps lets us record a full drum kit as well as bass, guitar and guide vocals.


Flesh out your tracks with overdubs later and your songs will be ready for mixing.


As well as recording facilities, we have a network of session musicians and producers to call on if required.

Mixing and post production


We can mix your songs that have been recorded here or elsewhere.


We run Pro Tools 2021 software with a vast range of plugins by Waves, Arturia, Native Instruments, Soundtoys, Solid State Logic, and many more.


High quality monitoring by Sonodyne and Sennheiser ensure consistent and accurate mixes.

mixing hip hop

About Us

Huntaway Sound is run by composer/musician/sound engineer Dylan Storey.

As well as Dylan, there are freelance engineers and producers that work here.

A large network of session musicians are available for specific instrument recordings. We also have contacts for a range of narrators, voice over artists and voice producers.

The studio is a stand alone building at a residential address in Glen Eden. There is parking for 3-2 cars available as well as kitchen facilities.