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About This Project

Tawhirimatea is a planetarium piece produced by OHU Domes. It tells the story of  the Maori creation myth, as seen from the perspective of Tawhirimatea – one of the sons of Rangi and Papa, the original ‘atua’ of Maori mythology.

Featuring high end animation from some of New Zealand’s top film animators, the show uses a combination of visuals and audio to create an authentic atmosphere to give a fully ‘immersive’ audience experience.

The show works as a stand alone piece but is also played as part of Auckland Stardome Obversatory’s planetarium show Matariki Dawn.

Surround sound 5.1 audio using a mixture of musical elements and sound effects play a big role in enhancing this production of the classic New Zealand/Maori story.

Sound design and sound effects creation was also a big part of this project. Ambient sounds were used to create a cave like atmosphere for the first part of the story, and rumbles and crashes punctuate the action sequences.