IHC Stand Tall video game now out

Dialogue recording for video game

IHC Stand Tall video game now out

We tracked and mixed all the dialogue for a new video game – Stand Tall. The game is designed to help neuro-diverse people navigate an independent life. It involved several days of dialogue recording with many different wonderful voice over artists playing the different characters.

Here is the video of a news item about the game:



Here is the blurb from the IHC website:

Stand Tall is a free budgeting game that teaches you how to manage your money. Choose where to focus your finances and learn how to live independently.

There are bills to pay, food and travel to budget for, plus loads of fun things to spend your money on. Get it right and your happiness will soar, but spend too much and you’ll have a financial headache!

The first level of the game was tested at a workshop in Auckland.

The game is available now to play online or download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.