Editing tracks for new Reb Fountain album

Studio editing session

Editing tracks for new Reb Fountain album

This week in the Huntaway Sound studio we have been editing the recorded track sessions for some new releases by well know NZ artist Reb Fountain.

editing session Reb has 2 releases, a full length album tracked at York st Studios and an EP tracked at the Wine Cellar by Rohan Evans. Rohan and Reb are coordinating the sessions using our Studio gear and monitors. The idea of the project is to tidy up all the loose ends in the recording; comping parts, removing unwanted sounds, fading clips etc. Editing is an essential part of the recording process and is the final preparation for mixing.

Rohan is mixing the Wine Cellar EP which will be released on Vinyl this year.

The full length album is scheduled to be mixed by Simon Gooding, to be released at some point in the future.

pro-tools editing