Dylan Storey EP recorded here – now released

Album recording auckland

Dylan Storey EP recorded here – now released

Local Auckland musician Dylan Storey has just released his new EP titled Phobos and Deimos. Guitars, vocals, piano and synth were recorded at Huntaway Sound studios (drums and bass recorded at Tom Broome’s studio, songs mixed in Texas by McKenzie Smith of Midlake, mastered at Kog Studios).


This was a great project to have worked on. Recording electric guitars was particularly fun. We used a range of Hiwatt and Marshall  amps, as well as a vintage Jansen for Fender type tones. The Marshall really growls while the Hiwatts have plenty of clean headroom but have a soaring tone when boosted. We ended up using a standard mic configuration of a Shure SM7b as well as a Violet Amethyst condenser mic on the cabinets. The SM7 was put through the Dizengoff D4 preamp with a tiny bit of drive added to balance out the mic’s thick lower mids, while the Amethyst went through a Vintect dual 72 to give some clean chimey Neve sounds. The blend of the 2 mics acheived some great guitar sounds.


Acoustics generally used a stereo pair of Oktava MK-012 small diaphram condensers through a Universal Audio 4-710d preamp, but sometimes a Rode Classic mic was used as well to capture room sound.


Vocals were recorded with the Violet Amethyst into the Vintech preamp.


Here the album on Spotify here – https://open.spotify.com/album/7cvWXn6dC1tpCbTBTH7qRG

Or buy it on Bandcamp –  https://dylanstorey.bandcamp.com/



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