About Us

Huntaway Sound recording studio and music production is run by Auckland musician Dylan Storey.


Based in West Auckland we work with local bands, voice over artists, ad producers and song writers.

We also work with people from all around the world providing musical scores and sound beds for video productions.

Many years of experience in audio related industries means we have a vast range of valuable services to offer. Range or services include:

  • Voice over recordings
  • Music tracking
  • Drum recording
  • Soundtrack music production
  • Audio book recording
  • Well presented sound treated room
  • A range of high quality audio equipment
  • Sound design
  • TV and radio ads
  • Video game narration and sound beds
  • Sound system hire
  • Live sound engineering
  • Bands for events and weddings
photo of studio manager
Some commentary from planetarium show producer Max Crow:


“I needed a different type of composer who was more rock band orientated than used to orchestras or synths, so Dylan was ideal for us. It was a tough job, he has a really solid understanding of the technical aspect of music and then had to break all those conventions by constructing a soundtrack that had to hit the most punishing constraints and not sound like a mess. It’s complicated, you’re hitting timings set by the visuals, trying not to crash any dialogue as well as composing a musical canvass that follows the ups and downs of the scene. None of this phased Dylan and he produced a phenomenal piece of work.”


“planetarium music [had] got too serious mainly because of the grandiose nature of space, and that bloody Holst. So with planetariums (slowly) opening up to new areas of science, cultures and a range of age groups, it allows us a wider scope of musical styles. “