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Drum tracking

Recording drums

21 Jul Drum tracking

Our little studio is great for most applications to do with soundtrack production. Much of it is computer based, but I like to get in live instrumentation where I can, this gives the music a more real feel.

Occasionally we have to clear the grand piano out of the main tracking room to make way for a full drum kit to be mic’d up.

Drum recording

For one particular project we needed live drums, I got the legendary drummer Cole Goodley to record. His late 60s Gretsch drum kit sounded beautiful in the tracking room. A modest compliment of 8 microphone succeeded in capturing the sound of the drums and also the room sound of the kit as a whole (a fine art in drum tracking).

The result was a great recording from an outstanding drummer.

The results of the session will be able to be heard in a future release from my solo project – Scheduled for mid 2016.